About Us

Shakopee Towing, Inc. serves the entire metro area with the best service available. Being a family owned business, Shakopee Towing takes pride in helping clients with their “more than the average” service in order to assist vehicle owners in their time of need. Shakopee Towing has had the honor of hiring on the most personalble and experienced personnel. This is what makes doing business with Shakopee Towing such a memorable experience expecially during those not-so-good-times that you only wish you could forget. Next time you’re in a bind, whether it be as simple as needing a jumpstart or something more serious (like an accident), give Shakopee Towing the oppurtunity to assist you with the most professional service around.

History of Shakopee Towing, Inc.

Shakopee Towing, Inc. was established in 1987 by Les and Pat Koehnen. They started out with only 3 tow trucks! As small as it was, their quick response and unmatched service quickly spread out to all around, making Shakopee Towing the number one towing company in the area to rely on. A few years later, in 1991, DuWayne and JoAnne Ege took over the business. This was a very exciting time for all, as the prestine reputation of Shakopee Towing was now built on even further by adding some of the most experienced and dedicated employees to the team. With all of the key ingredients now in place, Shakopee Towing has been firmly established as the most reliable and customer frendly towing company in the area to this day. Soon after the Ege family took over, Shakopee Towing expanded to offer mini storage units as a convenient storage service to area residence. In, 1994, Shakopee Towing purchased Prior Lake Towing, adding more trucks and equipment to their already vigilant work force. In 2005, Shakopee Towing expaneded once again by adding professional trucking services to the list of “thing we can do for our clients”. Well maintained trucks, caring management, and the most reliable employees are the main reasons that Shakopee Towing firmly grows with the community and warms the hearts of those in the area. New news, in Jan of 2017 Andrew and Dawn Peterson have purchased Shakopee Towing & Shakopee Trucking.  They hope to continue to expand the company, starting with expanding the trucking services to serve not only the metro area, but throughout the Continental United States. Andrew and Dawn ensure the same customer care that has been set for the businesses.  Andrew and Dawn look forward to the new life experience.

We at Shakopee Towing, Inc. thank all who have been part of the service team and the die-hard customers that keep on calling back.

Well, that’s our story… and we’re sticking to it.
Shakopee Towing, Inc.

Shakopee Towing – Goals

Our goals at Shakopee Towing are to keep our customers locked in as priority #1 and keeping an open mind to our client’s views and ideas. It is this mental attitude that keeps Shakopee Towing’s services a step ahead of the rest. Besides, we believe that we should always cater to our customers and keep on moving forward, because if it wasn’t for our devoted customer base, we wouldn’t be here today. Thank you to all that have been part of Shakopee Towing’s “family” and we look forward to working with you again soon.