Shakopee Towing offers a variety of vehicle services to assist you in your time of need. Whether you’re stuck on the side of the road or have had the unfortunate experience of having an accident, we have the equipment and the experience to haul almost anything. You can rely on our trained staff to bring you the best possible service in the industry… we love what we do.


The list below shows the general pricing of our services. However, pricing may vary depending on the exact nature of the work at hand.

  • Regular Tow Truck $90 /hook-up fee +  $3.50/mile*
  • 4×4/SUV Towing $100 /hook-up fee  +  $3.50/mile*
  • Medium Duty Truck Towing $150 /hook-up fee  +  $3.50/mile*
  • Heavy Duty Semi-Truck Towing $225/an hour  +  $3.50/mile*
  • Winching passenger vehicles $75  +  (additional fees based on the work being done)*
  • Semi Winching min $225 + (additional fees based on the work being done)*
  • Ice Recovery Every situation is unique and will be priced accordingly*
  • Vehicle Lock-Out $75  +  (additional fees based on location)*
  • Gas Delivery $75  +  (price of the fuel being delivered)*
  • Tire Changes $75  +  (additional fees based on location)*
  • Daily Storage will be added on all vehicles*
  • After Hours trip to lot $75 trip fee*
  • Inquire about any additional speciality fees that may apply*

Feel free to contact us with any questions.